Thursday, 2 January 2014

Looking back on 2013

Happy New Year everyone! As the first day of 2014 has started, I cannot think about the year that has passed (especially with all those Facebook statuses). It might be a little bit of a cliche, with everyone saying this, but 2013 has truly been the best year of my life so far - the happiest year of my life. The year I discovered love and I have been loved more than I thought it is possible. I have next to me the most amazing person of them all, and I truly believe this beautiful relationship that we have is my biggest achievement in 2013.

A lot has happened the year that has passed. I gained amazing friends or I bounded more with the ones that I have already. I also learned who my true friends are. I finished my first year of university, I got confused about what I want to do in the future, even though I was so sure before. I got more active in activities like the societies or the University's newspaper, being a volunteer in my community and for my university, and landed two jobs and my university as a Student Ambassador and as a Communications Frontrunner ( a sort of internship scheme, I start this in two weeks and I am very excited!). I rediscovered new interests like writing and painting, and I also created this blog. I have a lot of plans for it and I hope in 2014 I will find the time to achieve everything and more! Writing here gives me so much excitement and it relaxes me so much, and I certainly want to go forward this new year.

Of course 2013 had its downs, but I don't have any regrets. Everything that happened taught me something new that in the future I will take into account and maybe I will know what to expect from some certain situations. I intend to grow from every experience that I have, and unfortunately in a way you learn a lot from the bad ones.

As I said before, in 2013 I rediscovered a lot of things that I enjoy. And as much as I love a lot of things, everything feels so overwhelming. I can't find enough time to dedicate to everything that I wish I would do, so my mission in 2014 is to learn how to prioritize efficiently so that everything will be done accordingly to its importance and to make the most of everything.

I have been brought down by so many people this year but thankfully I had people that were beside me all the way until I got back on my feet. I will never be the same, but that is not a bad thing. I will be stronger, less superficial, a better judge of character and I will focus the amazing people that are already in my life.

I have so many things to look forward to in 2014. Hopefully this year is going to be all out travelling! I have already planned two trips in London so far: in January with my boyfriend for our anniversary and another one with one of my best friends in February. In March I am flying back home for two and a half weeks, can't wait to meet with everyone again, spend some quality time with all my friends in all our favourite places! And also hopefully this summer I will get sponsorship to participate in a summer school in Prague on poverty issues and also go to my boyfriend and visit Greece! So fingers crossed for that! I am looking forward to all the unexpected journeys 2014 will bring me.

Happy New Year everyone and I hope your hopes, dreams and resolutions will be successful in this new year! Please let me know what you are looking forward to!

Lots of love,

Friday, 6 December 2013

Gifts for her by H&M

When I was little I don't think I really had a favorite brand. I knew I loved this local shop back home that had amazing jewellery and quite cheap prices, but lately the bond between me and jewellery has faded away. But my first favorite shop that I still love so much is H&M. We have H&M in Romania for about 4 years I think, but I first discovered it when I was 12 and I was travelling with my parents in Prague. It was love at first sight.

They have so many cute things on their websites right now: super comfy jumpers, fluffy sweaters, very elegant shoes and jewellery, party dresses, formal suits and so on... Everything that you need for every occasions! So i put together this posts with all my favourite things. So if you don't know what to buy me for Christmas choose something from here haha.

red dresssparkly earrings, chiffon dressblack sandalsstudded sweatshirtmesh negligee, knit jumper golden earringsankle bootswide skirtwhite jacketgolden necklace

Monday, 25 November 2013

Favourite looks from Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013

Everyone who know me personally know how much I love watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion show and how excited I am every December waiting to see the show. Probably the most expensive and one of the most ellaborate fashion show of the year, the lingerie is presented in a unique way every year. With an average of 5 themes per year, it is not just a lingerie fashion show, it is an entire extravaganza! They make this beautiful story around each theme, with props and costumes especially made for them, it is definitely enchanting to watch the show every year! Even though I am not an avid Victoria Secret's buyer, because I find most of the items overprices and I think I can buy very beautiful underwear for a smaller price, I always love watching the shows. Here I collected my favourite outfits from 2013, don't forget that the show aires on TV and Internet in December. Can't wait! 

Comment below and let me know what you think about Victoria's Secret.

Birds of Paradise


Parisian Nights

Snow Angels

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A little bit of update

(source: Kitty Gallannaugh)

A lot has happened lately and unfortunately I didn't have or make enough time to write on this blog. Since yesterday evening I have been lying in bed with a terrible cold, the worst that I have had in a long time. My boyfriend is running around the area buying me fruits, lozanges and everything else that will make me feel better and I feel so greatful and lucky for having him. I should study, I NEED to study, I have 2 essays, 6000 words in total for 4th and 5th of November but I just can't do it right now, I feel to ill. So I decided to come back to my lovely blog. This is relaxing me. I wrote only 5 lines so far, but it gives me such a great feeling that I can't describe properly: it's a mix of hapiness, relaxation and maybe even content. I love writing. It was always my go to when I had a bad time.

But enough with the rant. I promised myself that I will continue with this blog and work hard to make it the way I dreamt it will be. So expect a lot of posts from now on.

Have a good day and take care of yourselves!

Lots of love,

Friday, 23 August 2013

The Romantic Meal III - The Cake

I am not a person that bakes. At all. Besides this cake I only baked two things in my life, muffins and coconut macarons, and to be honest none of those are hard to make. When I was thinking about my boyfriend's birthday I was planning to definitely buy a cake because I knew I can never make one. 
But one day, while browsing thorough my favourite blogs, I found this post on Emily Schuman's blog The cake was perfect for him, without chocolate but with raspberries and icing, I knew he would love it. I did need a little bit of supervision from a dear friend of mine that really knows how to bake, but I did everything and he loved it!

Hope you'll have a great weekend everyone!

Lulu x